Member’s Voice

Working at D-POPS : Member’s Voice

I joined D-POPS in 2012. Allow me to explain why working here is so enjoyable…

The first reason is my colleagues. All of the people whom I work with at D-POPS are great. There is a very good team spirit here. Regardless of difficulties or problems everyone is cooperative and supportive – even if they are busy. This results in a wonderful working relationship and a positive working environment.

The second is that good customer service makes people happy. Over time I have noticed the same customers returning again and again to D-POPS shops because it is where they know they can get the highest quality of care. D-POPS values its customers above all else and strives to make them happy. It is both flattering and satisfying to repeatedly experience this relationship with so many people and know that you have added value to their day.

The last reason is that at D-POPS we can make quick progress compared with other companies. Most companies rely heavily on a seniority based system where the merit of hard work is often overlooked. This is not the case at D-POPS. Here, if you work hard, and do a good job, you are valued and can challenge for promotion. This means that you are always free to grow and progress. At D-POPS if you would like to develop your career faster than the rest, it’s up to you.

For these reasons, all members at D-POPS enjoy working here and are constantly looking for ways to grow and achieve success. If you want to enjoy your life through your job, come to join us!