We bring delight to our clients through creative business development.
D-POPS Corp. aims for business that meets customer needs and at the same time offers exceptional value. Through personal responsibility and initiative we provide results that consistently exceed expectations.Instead of relying solely on the substantial value of our products, we also strive to provide deep value in our service.

Through this we aim to be a company that can provide new aspirations and opportunities to young professionals.
Our goal is to create an environment where young professionals can acquire the skills and ability to realize their dreams. In order to solidify these goals we aim to create a nurturing and progressive environment that provides opportunities regardless of one’s academic record, gender or nationality.

We continuously aim to foster a proactive, entrepreneurial mindset fortified by an environment of constant development and innovation. To keep up with the fluid and ever changing business landscape, and to provide opportunities for the proactive young people in our industries, we strive to grow.

At times one must yield to one’s own resolve and continue earnestly down the road less travelled.


D-POPS Holdings currently consists of fourteen companies covering twenty eight business groups.


  • We have set up 65 mobile phone shops in prime locations in front of train stations (the Tokyo equivalent of town centers) within the city, and we handle all major wireless carriers (Docomo, au, Softbank, Y!mobile, UQ mobile, Rakuten mobile,BIGLOBE mobile) Currently we operate street level stores each with an estimated 18,000 people in foot traffic per day respectively.
  • We simultaneously provide worker dispatching and personnel training with a specialization in mobile business. At the moment, we have 4000 registered staff for electronics and wireless carrier shops that are running campaign and other sales promotions.
  • We provide Wi-Fi rental services to the tourist industry and visitors to Japan.
  • We provide a used phone recycling service. D-POPS is committed to reducing waste and helping the environment.
  • We sell and develop mobile phone accessories.
  • We provide mobile phone insurance and mobile security software.
  • Consolidated gross revenue as a result of the aforementioned activities amounts to 210 million dollars.
  • DPOPS also offers the following services.

    • We offer management expertise for the retail market in Japan. (Currently we operate 64 prime located retail stores)
    • We can provide investment capital for developing and growing your business in Japan.
    • We offer technical expertise for getting your business off the ground in Japan, having deep market knowledge and a clear awareness of the cultural nuances faced when introducing a product into the Japanese market.
    • We offer human resource management services to aid the seamless introduction of your business in Japan.